Pablo Carpio · 2 medios

Pablo Carpio's work is developed as a formal exploration that opens a reflection on one's own poetics of its construction, investigating the nature of the pictorial medium, the process of creation and its plasticity. He aims to explore, through confrontation with the material, the limits of painting and its transformation, and consequently set dialogues with other disciplines. Movement and change interact in his work as a metaphor of constant and rapid social metamorphosis, continuing to explore new dynamics of construction and development of the paintings to meet an indeterminate and transformative visual reference.


Born in Madrid, Spain.
Lives and works in Mexico City
His work has been recently exhibited in: Mirat & Co Gallery (Madrid), Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation (New York), New York Foundation for the Arts (New York), Areatec 3rd Edition Visual Arts Biennial 2014 (Buenos Aires), Waterfall Mansion & Gallery (New York), The Active Space (New York), and Concepto Hudson Gallery (Husdson, NY),  among others.



Bound (Red). Acrylic and wooden frame. 

11.5 x 9.5 x 2 In. 2013


1930. Acrylic on wood.

47 x 2 x 47 In. 2016


Untitled. Acrylic.

10 x 7.8 x 8 In. 2016


Untitled. Acrylic and vinyl.

33 x 7 x 6.6 In. 2015


Cluster I. Acrylic on wood.

48 x 52 x 3.5 In. 2015


Paint on a chair. Acrylic on wooden chair.

34 x 18 x 19 In. 2013

Untitled (Black-Red). Acrylic, screw and rubber washer on wood.

15 x 15 x 4 In. 2015


Cluster II. Acrylic on wood.

48 x 60 x 4 In. 2015


Cluster III. Acrylic on wood.

48 x 60 x 4 In. 2015


White. Acrylic and glass jar.

7 x 4 x 4 In. 2013


Untitled (Red). Acrylic on canvas.

13 x 14 x 3 In. 2015


White map. Acrylic.

39 x 37.7 In. 2016


Red point. Acrylic on wood.

2.7 x 2 x 2.9 In. 2016